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Re: Can't reboot after power failure (RAID problem?)

On 11-01-31 8:47 PM, Andrew Reid wrote:

   The easy way out is to boot from a rescue disk, fix the mdadm.conf
file, rebuild the initramfs, and reboot.

   The Real Sysadmin way is to start the array by hand from inside
the initramfs.  You want "mdadm -A /dev/md0" (or possibly
"mdadm -A -u<your-uuid>") to start it, and once it's up, ctrl-d out
of the initramfs and hope.  The part I don't remember is whether or
not this creates the symlinks in /dev/disk that your root-fs-finder
is looking for.

All's well. After the "Real Sysadmin" way got me into the system one-time-only, I could do the "easy way" which is more permanent without needing a rescue disk. Thank you so much.

I have one more question, just out of curiousity so bottom priority. Why does this work? mdadm.conf is in the initramfs which is in /boot which is on /dev/md0, but /dev/md0 doesn't exist until the arrays are assembled, which requires mdadm.conf.


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