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Re: /etc/apt/sources.list

In <AANLkTimL1zqX6UmP6evGHGwBO6ojBFXYpB4sud0ZP1Vz@mail.gmail.com>, Heddle 
Weaver wrote:
>I've searched the wiki, reference and google like an idiot but can't seem to
>find a .list specification for unstable.
>I've upgraded from Lenny to Squeeze but want to go a little further.
>Does Unstable require a 'security' resource in the list at all.
>I'm assuming there isn't an unstable 'security', but do you leave 'testing'
>security in there as a config., or delete it.
>Thanks for any time and trouble.

Sid/Unstable does not have -security, -updates, -proposed-updates, or -
backports repositories, as they are not needed.  There's little to no 
restrictions on new versions entering unstable, so all these are handled by 
direct upload by a DD.

The testing repositories need not be used either.  They are mostly for when 
the version in testing differs from the version in unstable, the unstable 
version can't or shouldn't be force-migrated, and the testing version needs 
updated.  In this uncommon case, a version that falls between the one in 
testing and unstable is uploaded to testing-proposed-updates and can be 

During a freeze there is significant social pressure that non-leaf packages 
in unstable not be updated except for -security, -updates, or -proposed-
updates style changes, so that new, large transitions don't occur in testing.  
This does mean that -backports style updates or new versions aren't seen for 
a while in unstable, which is unfortunate.  During the freeze, it may be 
useful to follow experimental for occasional new versions.  Better is to dig 
into the list of RC bugs and resolve them, to reduce the time the freeze 

Even during a freeze is can be possible to coordinate the update of a non-
leaf package in unstable, but it basically means making sure all maintainers 
that depend on your package directly or indirectly are comfortable with a 
package flow through TPU.  Since TPU has less visibility that unstable, this 
is not often done.
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