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Backup media - double-layer DVD

I burn my backups to regular single-layer DVD's once in a while. DVD+RW
is what I use, but now it looks like I'm flirting with their limit in
terms of capacity.. 

In the long run, this probably means that I need to review my backup
policies, maybe separating /home from the rest of the system, but this
has made me curious as to what dual-layer DVD burners/media may offer.

I didn't find much in terms of easy-to-digest documentation, and I'm
under the impression that dual-layer DVD's are WORM-only.. IOW multiple
writes are not supported (?).  

Sounds like they're meant for audio/video stuff rather than really
useful as a backup medium, no?

Do some of you people still use DVD's as an external medium for

Has anyone run into this problem and come up with a solution that's
practical, simple, and elegant?

Thanks for your comments,


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