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Re: best labtop for debian

On Tue, 8 Feb 2011 16:02:31 -0500
Allan Wind <allan_wind@lifeintegrity.com> wrote:

> On 2011-02-08T15:23:29, Celejar wrote:
> > I'm curious - everyone has always seemed to love ThinkPads, but I've
> > never understood what exactly makes them so popular.  I'm not
> > disagreeing or challenging - I've never used one, and I just want to
> > understand why everyone swears by them.
> The T and Z models that I have used or owned have held up well 
> with use.  Keyword is nice.  I have a 1920x1200 screen on my 
> current laptop which works well for me.  Battery last for a while 
> although I am usually plugged in.  They are widely used so even 
> specialized hardware usually get drivers and you have resources 
> like thinkwiki.org.

Thanks.  Comparison to my Acer Aspire 3690: Keyboard is terrible
(although that may be subjective), battery was meager to begin with, an
hour and a half of basic use (but I bought a bottom of the barrel
model), and is now almost useless, 2-3 minutes (but it's been four
years).  Just about all HW supported, except for the flash reader,
which I've never gotten to work properly, but I haven't spent much time
on it, the Winmodem, and I've never gotten suspend-to-ram working

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