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[OT] Expert install.. was: help

On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 08:13:37PM EST, Joey Hess wrote:


> There is no need to use any expert install option with squeeze. Simply
> follow the instructions it presents:

Maybe the next incarnation of the installer should do away once and for
all with this ‘expert’ misnomer.

Although it may require being marginally more knowledgeable to carry out
successfully, the difference between the default install and the
so-called ‘expert‘ mode is not so much a matter of ‘expertise’ but
rather a matter of whether the default options judiciously chosen to
address the more common scenarios cover your needs or not.

I feel that something along the lines of ‘advanced options’ rather than
this confusing and unnecessarily intimidating appellation would be more
to the point.


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