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[Conclusion] Providing DHCP and DNS services with DNSMasq

Many thanks to Tixy, who answered all my questions, I now compile it into 
a big blog, 

Providing DHCP and DNS services with DNSMasq


To use DNSmasq to provide DNS, DHCP, tftpd and ad blocking to my home 


The dnsmasq can be used as both dhchp and dns server. This is ideal for a 
home network. The benefits are,

    * I no longer need to fiddle with my router web interface to give 
fixed dhcp leases to my boxes — I just have to maintain a local dnsmasq 
conf file on the dnsmasq server.
    * It also provides tftpd service and ad blocking out of the box.

Blog TOC: 



   Configure DNSmasq

    Setup dnsmasq local configuration

    Configure /etc/resolv.conf

    Configure Static DHCP IP Addresses

    Restart DNSmasq


    Test Log

    Configure the dnsmasq server using the static IP

   Ad Blocking

    Enable adblocking configuration

    Get Ad Block List

    Create an ad block server


    Let ether card get the setting automatically?

    why my static IP configuration doesn’t work

    Why a separated ad block server?

On Sun, 06 Feb 2011 10:01:33 +0000, Tixy wrote:

> Oh, and resolve.conf can drop common unwanted domains into a black hole,
> e.g.
>   address=/doubleclick.net/googlesyndication.com/

Thanks, and better yet, you don't need to maintain the black hole listing 
yourself, see above. 

Thanks again, Tixy.

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