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Alpha hard crash when accessing sound (es1370, kernel 2.2.1) Alphastation 200 refuses to load ramdisk Please Help. Re: boot floppies Booting AS 1000A 5/xxx with 99/02/05 disks [branden: problem with alpha/sparc X patches] Can we short pins on the UDB motherboard for hard reset? Debian Alpha Install DGS debs up for testing... Did you know that nfs mount requires accurate time? dpkg questions egcs and the libstdc++ unaligned's egcs updated on EISA cards in Jensen: success anyone? Final test build of XFree86 for slink -- PLEASE TEST Final test build of XFree86 for Sparc/Slink available Floppy problems after long uptime GGI packages need to be recompiled... Glibc 2.1? glibc 2.1 debs available glibc FINALLY uploaded... Good machine to buy? Good news... Help wanted with Alpha/Sparc XFree86 patches How to flash a MILO on a AS 250? Hylafax broken? Install by NFS fails (while network works) Installing on a DEC Multia installing on AlphaServer 300 4/266 Install question. jdk1.2 Jensen installation report, aboot Re: Jensen installation report, dependencies Kernel 2.2 Kernel 2.2.1-pl6 problems on Ruffian Re: Kernel 2.2, install problems Re: Kernel 2.2 (RTC) Kernel panic: Freeing swap cache pages [Was: Re: Kernel 2.2.1-pl6 problems on Ruffian] Kernel panic while booting root disk '/lib/ is not a symlink' Merging of alpha and sparc X patches New Alpha changes in the Installation Guide (Was: version 2.1.8 committed, tagged and uploaded Re: New floppy.c for 2.0.36 New glibc being uploaded as we speak new install: xbase/xlib6g problem new set ofinstall disks Re: not enough memory for latest boot disks? On installing a fresh alpha, kbd-data not installed? Oops...meant smail.... `Out of memory' problem on commercial program ... Packages with __register_frame_info part II Re: Patch for smail Please test: impoved sparc and alpha X patches. Please test: X patches for sparc and alpha Re: Proposal for new architecture support/distribution Q: DEC Alpaha Rescue Disks Reviving a dead UDB (was: egcs and the libstdc++ unaligned's) rsh protocol failure? sendmail is also requiring recompiling... slink_cd about ready to go slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup slink_cd v 1.06 released slink_cd v 1.07 out Slink release - what's left? Re: SRM vs ARC There can be only one: LAPACK and F2C vs G77 on the Alpha Unidentified subject! Upgrade your Multias... Weird... weird output from dselect What patches to apply to build 2.0.35-alpha? Where do I find Communicator? Re: worrying about sparc/alpha boot floppies wrapup for slink X 10pre11v2 binaries X uploaded Xacc on Alpha XEmacs XEmacs tar.bz2 for Debian available xlib6g? The last update was on 14:28 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 280 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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