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RE: dpkg questions

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> >>>>> "WC" == WaiSun Chia <WaiSun.Chia@digital.com> writes:
>     WC> What is the equivalent in dpkg for the following RPM
>     WC> functions: 1. rpm -ba foo.spec 2. rpm -ta foo.tar.gz 3. rpm
>     WC> --rebuild foo.alpha.src.rpm 4. rpm --recompile
>     WC> foo.alpha.src.rpm
Sorry I forgot not everyone has used Redhat/RPM before ;-)
1. rpm -ba foo.spec
RPM just needs 1 file the .spec file to build the source and the binary
rpms. -ba means untar the tarball, patch the any patches, compile, build the
both the source and binary rpm and finally install the binary rpm.

2. rpm -ta foo.tar.gz
Extract the .spec file within the tarball, and then operate like rpm -ba on
the spec file.

3. rpm --recompile foo.alpha.src.rpm
Recompile a binary rpm from a source rpm.

4. rpm --rebuild foo.alpha.src.rpm
Recompile and install a binary rpm from a source rpm.

Is there any step-by-step howto/tutorial available...

>   Erm - not being up on rpm syntax, I'm not sure exactly what these
> do. But the general process for rebuilding debian packages is as
> follows.
>   Obtain the files package.orig.tar.gz, package.dsc, and
> package.diff.gz. Run the command 'dpkg-source -x package.dsc' (found
> in the dpkg-dev package), which given you the debianized source tree.
>   Inside there, you can run 'dpkg-buildpackage' with appropriate
> arguments (typically '-rfakeroot -m"Your PGP Key"'), which will build
> the full set of packages in ..
>   Anything else, just ask. Always glad to see another joining the
> fold.
Thanks. I've seen the light ;-)

> m.
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