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Re: Glibc 2.1?

On 3 Feb 1999, Mikolaj J. Habryn wrote:

>   Is moving to glibc 2.1 a long term goal for potato?


> I used to run
> 2.1 a long, long time ago, and there's too much nifty stuff (/dev/pts, 
> for one) to leave it alone. I'd play with it, but I'm 3000km away from 
> my alpha for the rest of the week.

I'm compiling it now to see how well it goes (test run).  I'm not going to
upgrade my UDB until either we get slink out of the door or until I get my
other UDB up and running again.  If/when I can get a glibc-pre2.1
compiled, I'll offer it up on my ftp site for testing, fyi.


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