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Good news...

Hi all...

Well, amidst the flurry, I've managed to get an X server up at work and
tested mozilla under kernel 2.2.1 and glibc 2.1 (although the version of
mozilla was compiled under 2.0.7) with great success!  So far, every page
I've hit has worked and, with the exception of having an extra
half-navigation toolbar, mozilla seems stable until exit (where it

This means we will definitely have a browser under potato :-)  I haven't
had time to test anything related to java, but HTML works fine :-)

I'm not sure if the new FP code in the kernel or what's really responsible
for the elimination of the SIGFPEs that were being generated before, but
it seems to work nicely.

I'm going to recompile mozilla soon and upload it to potato barring


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