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new install: xbase/xlib6g problem

When dselect tries to install xbase from the slink mirror at
sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk/Mirrors/ftp.debian.org/ it gives me a

 U** XTr x11 xbase
 *** Std x11 xlib6g
 *** Std x11 xlib6g-dev

On further investigation it seems that xbase depends on
xlib6g >=  I've got xlib6g  The slink
directories on ftp.debian.org don't seem ot be any different to the
mirror.  How can I resolve this?  I don't mind uninstalling all of the 
X stuff & starting again, but I'd rather not wipe the machine....

Should I be using slink?

 Robin Stephenson
 Your Statutory Rights Are Not Affected

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