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Re: Install question.

Ray Schultz <trs@wt.net> writes:

> Hello all,
> I would like to move my alpha from RedHat to Debian.
> I didn't see a Debian/Alpha CD any where, is there one?
> If not, am I going to be able to download and copy to
> floppy enough packages to get it installed and get a dialup
> connection started?
> Thanks,
> -=Ray

Do you have a swap partition for your RedHat linux or some other spare 
partition? (Assuming that swap is >64 MB)

If you do, delete the entry from the fstab on your RedHat system and
change its type to ext2. Then download the base disks and some package
you probably need to get the dialup working and go ahead installing on
the "was once swap" partition (without deleting the other partitions).

If it works, fine, if not, reboot to redhat and get the missing

That way you can test first. If all works fine, you can reinstall or
just add more partitions to the debian system.

May the Source be with you.

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