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Good machine to buy?

Hello all,

I am in the process of conviencing my boss that I need a new computer
to help me do my job.  Of course, I want an alpha runing debian/gnu
linux.  So I am looking for a system that would be good as an
administrative box.  I am thinking a CD burner would be useful, too.

Here is my setup:

aprox 20 NT workstations on a couple of different pc brands (students)
aprox 15 Windows 95 workstations(?) on many different pc's (faculty)
2 DEC 3000 digital unix 3 & 4.  (soon to both be 4)
1 NT server
a handful of throwaway 486 and pentiums runing linux and X

I am in the process standardizing the workstations and making as much
use as I can of NIS and other centralized administrative tools.  As I
said my boss seems to be agreeable.  I am looking for suggestions
mostly on the hardware side.  This box will not act as a server.

Thanks, (in advance)


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