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Re: egcs and the libstdc++ unaligned's

On Sun, 7 Feb 1999, Oscar Levi wrote:

> I know that I SAID I was rebuilding egcs to find the unaligned
> accesses in the libstdc++ code.  I have been successful at building
> it...but my UDB won't boot anymore.  I suspect a power supply problem
> since I found quite a bit of cat litter in it when I opened it up.
> Hence, I'm letting you know that I'm stranded in Alpha land until I
> resolve this.

Sorry to hear that :-(  I'll look into it probably tonight.  I am
recompiling glibc and binutils right now (my last binutils got rejected),
so I should have some room to look at that once everything's done (thank
goodness the "big" alphas are back up right now or else I wouldn't be
doing all of this).


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