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Re: dpkg questions

>>>>> "WC" == WaiSun Chia <WaiSun.Chia@digital.com> writes:

    WC> What is the equivalent in dpkg for the following RPM
    WC> functions: 1. rpm -ba foo.spec 2. rpm -ta foo.tar.gz 3. rpm
    WC> --rebuild foo.alpha.src.rpm 4. rpm --recompile
    WC> foo.alpha.src.rpm

  Erm - not being up on rpm syntax, I'm not sure exactly what these
do. But the general process for rebuilding debian packages is as

  Obtain the files package.orig.tar.gz, package.dsc, and
package.diff.gz. Run the command 'dpkg-source -x package.dsc' (found
in the dpkg-dev package), which given you the debianized source tree.

  Inside there, you can run 'dpkg-buildpackage' with appropriate
arguments (typically '-rfakeroot -m"Your PGP Key"'), which will build
the full set of packages in ..

  Anything else, just ask. Always glad to see another joining the


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