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Re: Upgrade your Multias...

On 5 Feb 2019, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> Those who have older Alpha boxes, specifically Multias but other old
> Noname boards as well, might want to look at www.onsale.com---there's
> a company that's selling 233Mhz chips, and they're generally not even
> being bid on.
> The minimum is $149---which might seem a lot to some, but it still
> makes the Multia the cheapest machine I've ever owned.

Thanks for the tip :-)  I was *JUST* thinking about the 233MHz chips today
and thought "I'll have to look for one".  Both of my UDBs are upgradable
(Mike, I got Damian's :-) as is my AXPpci33, so I'll see what I can muster


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