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Re: Kernel 2.2

I have had no trouble with it on my PC164LX, other than:

 * AWE32 support doesn't work
 * It sometimes hangs when calibrating delay loop after a soft reboot

On Thu, Feb 04, 1999 at 09:41:08AM +0100, Brederlow wrote:

> Has anyone got the new 2.2 kernels working for alpha yet?
> 2.2.0 doesn't even start booting for me, when I select Ruffian as
> system type. When I select "generic" as my system type it detects a
> ruffian system and hangs with an illegal instruction.
> My friend, with an 164sx, can boot, but every now and then a process
> hangs in the kernel and becomes unkillable. He tried 2.2.1 with the
> same result.
> May the Source be with you.
> 			Goswin
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