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Re: There can be only one: LAPACK and F2C vs G77 on the Alpha

> Code generated by g77 is automatically linked to libg2c.a

Yes it is, but *statically* linked, as there is no libg2c.so.*.
gcc -lf2c similarly *statically* links in libf2c (yes, even though
libf2c.so.x is available.)  If you make a symbolic link
/usr/lib/libf2c.so -> libf2c.so.2 to force the issue, there's a
link-time error when the dynamic link is attempted.

> > As a longer-term measure, probably f2c should be modified to use
> > 32-bit integers, so that gcc, g77, g++, and f2c/fort77 would share the
> > same notion of the default machine integer size.
> This is true.  It's probably not a huge modification.

The required mods are actually mentioned in /usr/doc/f2c/readme, where
it recommends taking out some "long"s on 64-bit long int machines, and
even gives a sed command to do it.
Glancing at /usr/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-linux/egcs-2.91.60/include/g2c.h
and /usr/include/f2c.h shows that the long-removal mods are already
done to g2c.h on the Alpha, but not on i386.

> There are command-line options for g77 for providing compatibility for
> object files generated by f2c.

In some ways, but (to my knowledge) there is no g77 option to make a
default integer be 64-bit instead of the default default of 32-bit.

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