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Re: Kernel 2.2 (RTC)

On Thursday, 25 Feb, D. W. Wieboldt wrote:
> Now the clock moved forward 30 years and hwclock is broken in 2.2, and I
> have no text console still, but we are getting there.

I heard a lot about broken RTC in 2.1.x and now 2.2...  May I recommend
a simple patch, which adds a "light-weight RTC" option, essentially 
bringing the RTC driver to what it used to be in 2.0 - no interrupt
stuff, just the bare minimum to support hwclock.  (This is just another
option; the kernel can still be compiled with full-blown RTC.)

The patch is on genie.ucd.ie:/pub/alpha/patches-2.1.x/rtclight.diff.
Last time I tried it on some pre-2.2 kernel.


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