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Installing on a DEC Multia

Okay, I'm trying to install Debian on my Multia (166Mhz). I guess it's
a "noname" as far as installation's concerned... Anyhow, the first
time I installed it, it crashed while trying to INSTALL the base...
After that, I had to completely start over the installation process...
I downloaded the noname image from the slink distribution (the only
place I could find disk images for the alpha). That would be:


Now when I boot up with the drv1440.bin disk, it just stops after the
scsi initialization. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact
that I have a few bad secters on my first drive... 

Can anybody confirm or help? I just need some operating system on the
computer... doesn't even have to be much, just have sound and net
access... I guess partial install is an option, but i'd rather do the
whole thing...

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