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dpkg questions

I'm an experienced Linux user (1 yr Slackware, 2 yrs Redhat). Recently
installed Potato on my notebook and planning to install Slink/Potato on an
Alpha 2100 aka "Sable".

Before this I used to make RPMs for my user groups for bleeding edge CVS
stuff; e.g. gnome, enlightenment, etc.

First impression is that dpkg blows rpm away in terms of software update and
distribution! apt is also incredible...

But I find dpkg/dselect not too intuitive for the developer...
Now my questions.

What is the equivalent in dpkg for the following RPM functions:
1.	rpm -ba foo.spec
2.	rpm -ta foo.tar.gz
3.	rpm --rebuild foo.alpha.src.rpm
4.	rpm --recompile foo.alpha.src.rpm

RPM is very easy for the developer/packager because it only needs 1 file;
i.e. the .spec file. I understand that dpkg needs a whole slew of config

Hope you can help.
(a new debian convert ;-)

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