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Re: boot floppies

Paul Slootman writes:
 > I forgot to ask, has Loic contacted the boot-floppies people? There
 > was an urgent request for input yesterday, because of the impending
 > release... I hate reading "... not heard anything from the Alpha people ..."
 > in such messages, makes us look bad :-(

Sorry for the lack of communication,  I have only been able
to work on them a bit this  W.E., I have not generally physical
access to an Alpha console. That should change tomorrow (Thursday), as 
I expect to receive several Alpha box at work. That will come just in
time to finally get something reasonable to release.

I will try to spend quite a number of hours from tommorow afternoon
until saturday morning (but I have still some of my usual work to
do). This should be sufficient to have a reasonable bootable CD with a
new set of installation disks. Unless someone can work on it the
boot-on-hard-disk installation will stay manual, I am not sure to have
enough time to work on it, putting more details in the documentation
is a reasonable compromise for a first set. I will be happy if someone
can take over the job this W.E. as I will not be available at all. I
can work with that person until then. And I can help again from Sunday

Thanks for all the offer on testing, I have begin to play with the
slink_cd script and will send Friday the patch to it to make
Debian/Alpha CD-bootable, so that people can try it.

I am sending just right now another message to debian-boot.


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