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Re: Kernel 2.2

Robert Stone wrote:
> On 4 Feb 1999, Falk Hueffner wrote:
> > I have unkillable processes (state "D") that are *not* causing kernel
> > panics. Is there any way to find out in which line of the kernel they
> > are hanging?
> >
>         I would bet this is either associated with some corruption
> occuring in the kernel's socket hash table, or with some problems with a
> device driver (i.e. your scsi card driver).  I had these problems on a
> 2.2.0 with an AS200 (Avanti).  I don't know if the socket hash problem has
> been fixed in 2.2.1, but that one bit me good.
>                                                 -Robert

My Experience with 2.2.1 is limited, however, I have compiled it.  I
have not managed to get one of my compiled kernels to boot. I use the
vmlinux in the root /usr/src/linux and copy it to /  .  When I boot from
the image it starts to boot normally, however when it gets to the point
where it starts to load modules (it goes by too fast to know exactly
where), it starts to produce MANY screens of Junk?  it looks like some
kind of error messages when I ctr+alt+del (I get about 1 sec to read a
full screen of text) does anyone know what i am doing wrong?

My Machine : Alphserver 1000 (Miata)
Debian Ver: Slink
Kernel: 2.0.35


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