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Xacc on Alpha

I was bored one Saturday night, so I thought maybe I'd
check out Xacc and see if I could make it compile on 
the Alpha.  I did an "apt-get upgrade" to make sure I
was in sync with the latest Debian tools (so that lesstif
was recent) and then I grabbed Xacc.

Well, this was a 266 MHz UDB with 56 MB RAM, so it 
didn't exactly fly by, but it compiled with zero
errors.  Those files you were missing were probably
includes of Motif ("Xm/*") headers, which will be
there if you install a recent version of lesstif.

I would make a binary snapshot of this, in either Debian
or RPM (if I grabbed RPM) packages, but I'm not sure
I'm willing to be an official maintainer (I don't even
plan on using Xacc :) ).  I've never made a package of
anything before (I'm a source .tar.gz guy), so if anyone
could start me off somewhere...

Shaw Terwilliger (twig@advancenet.net)

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