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Re: Debian Alpha Install

"Arthur Gallun" <gallun@iname.com> writes:

> The CD-ROM worked formerly under NT

That suggests that the CD has Joliet format and not Rockridge. It
should be mountable as iso9660, but with 8+3 names, if you have no
Joliet compiled in. With Joliet it should work as expected.

> I had to blow away NT to get the fdisk utility under Debian to work....
> Does anyone know why??

NT doesn't cope with >1024 cylinders, so it has to play tricks with
your harddrive to get the cylinders below 1024. The partition tables
will then be all messed up and seem wrong to any sane utility. You get 
errors that partitions don't start and end on track boundaries or you
can't read the table at all. Its just broken NT.

> iso9660 is listed in /proc/filesystems

Look for joliet as well.

> I am using a milo from the RH5.2 dist.
> the root and rescue disks were downloaded fresh from
> http://master.debian.org/~lprylli/axp/debian.html
> they report Generated on 99/02/05
> any hints?
> ifconfig and route seem to work....
> I'm gonna try to get it going on over NFS, but I'm ont too optimistic....

If nfs doesn't work, you might have to specify some additional
parameters. There has been some disgussion about it on this list, so
have a look at the archive (if it doesn't work).

Another posibility would be ftp or http access to another system.

May the Source be with you.

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