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Re: Alpha hard crash when accessing sound (es1370, kernel 2.2.1)

> (Sound Blaster 128, PCI) correctly and installs itself (whether compiled in
> or a module).  When trying to access the audio device (I have tried sox,
> mpg123), the kernel locks hard, requiring a red-button reset.  No messages
> appear in the logs.
> Any suggestions?  Has anyone else seen this?  After a quick glance through
> the es1370 code, I see that it is littered with "unsigned long".  It is
> important to note that on alpha, "unsigned long" != "unsigned int".
> unsigned longs are 8 bytes wide, while unsigned int's are 4 bytes wide.

Everyone who has tried this driver with an Alpha has seen it. It may well
be a typing problem its hard to tell. Anyway it needs an Alpha user to trace
and fix it

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