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Re: Debian Alpha Install

Brederlow writes:
 > "Arthur Gallun" <gallun@iname.com> writes:
 > > The CD-ROM worked formerly under NT
 > That suggests that the CD has Joliet format and not Rockridge. It
 > should be mountable as iso9660, but with 8+3 names, if you have no
 > Joliet compiled in. With Joliet it should work as expected.

I think Joliet support is compiled in by default in Linux in the isofs 
support, AFAIK this has been true for all installation disks generated 
at least since July 1998 and probably even before.

 > > iso9660 is listed in /proc/filesystems
 > Look for joliet as well.

I do not think joliet appears in /proc/filesystems, even if it is
available, and anyway the  CDROM should not refuse to mount, as you
pointed above 8+3 name should work in the worst case.


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