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XEmacs tar.bz2 for Debian available

As I had an old version of egcs around that will compile XEmacs with
the alpha patches, I did just that and put it up as a tar file.  This
is not a .deb package, and I do not plan on making a .deb package, as
there is no way I am capable of supporting one.

It is available at http://ibgwww.Colorado.EDU/~lessem/xemacs/ where
there are two files that can be downloaded.  Either a full version
with everything (13808k) or a binary only version, with just the
executables (2032k).  Only one version need be downloaded, as the
binary version is completely contained within the full version.

I have not banged on it extensively, but it starts, and seems to run
auctex, gnus, and calc (not included) without problem.

Jeff Lessem.

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