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Re: Packages with __register_frame_info part II

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Bart Warmerdam wrote:

>   amanda-common_2.4.0-3.1.deb
>   python-extclass_1.2-1.deb
>   amanda-client_2.4.0-3.1.deb
>   freetype2_1.2-3.deb
>   tetex-bin_0.9.981113-1.deb
>   gmp3_0.074a-4.deb
>   smail_3.2.0.102-2.deb
>   dqs_3.1.8-9.deb
>   binutils-multiarch_2.
>   freetype-tools_1.2-3.deb
>   binutils_2.
>   amanda-server_2.4.0-3.1.deb
>   libc6.1_2.0.7.19981211-2.deb
>   gzip_1.2.4-28.0.1.deb
>   raidtools_0.42-16.deb

Ignore binutils (and children) as they have been recompiled since and had
additional patches added to them anyway (I'm the maintainer, so that made
it easy).  Libc6.1 also doesn't need it since a patch to add a dummy
__register_frame_info was included to provide some backwards (and
forwards) compatibility.  The rest is fair game.  I'll start tonight.  Oh,
I believe gmp3 is done also since I saw a package in incoming today.


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