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Re: Debian Alpha Install

"Arthur Gallun" <gallun@iname.com> writes:

> I am using the Debian install CDROM from lsl.com it comes with some
> older images and no instructions about what they are....  i finally
> figured it out and made the disks from the CD its gets a little bit
> further, but seems to finally choke around the base install the base
> install promts which of two dates, both seem to fail as a result of
> a broken pipe....
> 97-8-12 is the latest date.... what's up with this? This seems really
> old....

Try downloading the newest boot and base disks. A lot has changed.

> ...
> I'm on the verge of buying Red Hat Alpha....

I got my Alpha with Red Hat preinstalled and it was good to change to
debian. Many thinks didn't work at all (man, shutdown, ...). Debian is 
more up-to-date and faster with fixes.

May the Source be with you.

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