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Re: Kernel 2.2

On Thu, Feb 25, 1999 at 12:06:45AM -0500, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, D. W. Wieboldt wrote:
> > Next I would like to see the pcmcia stuff 
> > run.  Would that be asking too much?
> I have compiled a working version of pcmcia-cs, but (the expected caveat),
> the current slink release of the source just doesn't work.  Plus, to make
> things even more complicated, the source that I worked on doesn't always
> yield working modules (depends on the kernel source that it's compiled
> against).  I'm still plugging away on them, though, trying to get some
> constant results between 2.2.x and 2.0.36 kernels.  I'm hoping to get
> things ironed out by tomorrow, but if not, it may be a late addition.
> Part of my difficulty remains the lack of a device to test it with.  I can
> get the package to recognise the on-board control chipset, but have no
> device to play with for testing purposes.

Yes!  The pcmcia works!  Used the 2.0.9 pcmcia, forced the architecture to
get it installed, did a make-kpkg modules_image and a dpkg-buildpackage to 
get pcmcia-cs.  Had to fix all the control files to read alpha instead of 
i386.  Made an init file by copying the default one.  Installed, default 
settings, and plugged in a modem.  "Beep"  cu -l /dev/modem.  Whoo-hoo!

Now the clock moved forward 30 years and hwclock is broken in 2.2, and I
have no text console still, but we are getting there.

Ciao... DaveW

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