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Re: Upgrade your Multias...

Christopher C Chimelis <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu> writes:
> Thanks for the tip :-)  I was *JUST* thinking about the 233MHz chips today
> and thought "I'll have to look for one".  Both of my UDBs are upgradable
> (Mike, I got Damian's :-) as is my AXPpci33, so I'll see what I can muster
> money-wise...

Yeah, Damian told me about selling you the Alpha a few months ago.

You might also want to look at ebay.com, because they've had 32MB
parity simms going pretty cheap: $45 or so--heck, they've even got
some 64MB'ers going.  I meant to mention it, but didn't have a chance.

Worth keeping an eye on, anyway.


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