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Re: Hylafax broken?

> Hello,
> next step: I installed hylafax on a friends Jensen machine, after copying my
> whole system over to his disk.
> faxgetty starts up fine, configures the modem and waits for a connection. As
> soon as the modem detects a ring, faxgetty gets a SIGSEGV and dies (and is
> restarted by init, and re-initializes the modem, which hangs up).
> I recompiled the source package, but this did not change anything - it seems
> that the problem is in Dispatcher::notify, which tries to call a handler for
> FD 0, although the handler is NULL, and although the bit for FD 0 was *not*
> returned as set by select() - I can't quite figure out what goes wrong,
> (compiler? library?), since my understanding of Alpha assembler is nearly
> zero, and the C code looks good on first look.

Once upon a time (that would be on the order of about a year ago) I found something that looked like a library or compiler bug that got triggered in hylafax. I belive it resulted in FD_ISSET returning true when the fd was, in fact, not set. Compiling without optimization cured it (which has be believe that it was, or possibly still is as you message seems to imply, a compiler bug).


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