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Hylafax broken?


next step: I installed hylafax on a friends Jensen machine, after copying my
whole system over to his disk.

faxgetty starts up fine, configures the modem and waits for a connection. As
soon as the modem detects a ring, faxgetty gets a SIGSEGV and dies (and is
restarted by init, and re-initializes the modem, which hangs up).

I recompiled the source package, but this did not change anything - it seems
that the problem is in Dispatcher::notify, which tries to call a handler for
FD 0, although the handler is NULL, and although the bit for FD 0 was *not*
returned as set by select() - I can't quite figure out what goes wrong,
(compiler? library?), since my understanding of Alpha assembler is nearly
zero, and the C code looks good on first look.

Another note: the package would not compile (dpkg-source -x, debian/rules
binary), because the gcc version-detection in the configure script is broken
- it thinks that my egcs is actually a too old gcc. After fixing that, it
compiled fine, but produced errors when installing to the tmp-server tree to
build the final .deb.

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.

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