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Re: Did you know that nfs mount requires accurate time?

Oscar Levi writes:
 > As I'm looking into this more, I'm finding that there is another
 > problem, now.  Setting the time fixed an RPC timeout and let the
 > installed Debian system nfs mount the server.  However, the setup
 > disks still fail to nfs mount.  I get a report of sendmsg failure with
 > a result of 51.  The errno's say this is a 'level 2 halted' error.
 > Whatever that means.

alpha-~$grep 51 /usr/include/asm/errno.h
#define ENETUNREACH     51      /* Network is unreachable */

Hmm, are you sure it is a time-related problem?

(errnos are not the same on Alpha and others archs)

 > > 
 > > The "epoch selection" should be done by the kernel, but the code there
 > > may be wrong or incomplete.
 > The epoch selection is the choice between ARC and UTC in CMOS?

Yes depending on what it found, the kernel tries to determine an
"epoch" (the  difference between the real year and the number set in
CMOS), if it was implemented in a sane manner, I would tend to say it
could never give 1930.

 > It seems to me, IMHO, that it would be a good thing to permit (not
 > require) the user set the time from setup.

Sure I agree, but maybe this is not related to your problem.


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