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Re: Kernel 2.2.1-pl6 problems on Ruffian

With regards to your message at 06:24 PM 02-18-99 +0100, Brederlow. Where
you stated:
>I have a Ruffian, which has an onboard 53875 scsi controler. I
>compiled the kernel with the 538xx bsd driver. When I use anything
>else but asynchronus transfer I get scsi errors all the time,
>resulting in a crash every so often. I managed to use a setting of 5
>MHz synchronus, but that seems to be slightly falkey as well. I'm
>wondering whether this is a termination problem or not, so I'm taking
>my alpha apart. Might also be a problem with scsi cable length, since
>I have UW-scsi on one side and U-scsi on the other. Both have rather
>long cables.
>Has anybody else other or same experiences? Especially the onboard
>scsi controler gets me, because asynchon scsi is like seeing a movie
>in slow motion.
I think you will find that your problems are indeed cable/termination/cable
length related.
We build and use the UX ( the new name) based systems and have none of
these issues, as long as we use cabling under a total of 1m, active
terminators ( no not the ones built-in on the drives). The 53-C8xx drivers
work well. Maybe check the version. Current ones are:
- ncr53c8xx-3.1e      (8XX generic driver)
- sym53c8xx-1.2       (896 driver)


Good luck!

Best regards,

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