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Re: Did you know that nfs mount requires accurate time?

On Tue 02 Feb 1999, Loic Prylli wrote:
> Oscar Levi writes:
>  > Also, it seems like it would be helpful to add a note to the README in
>  > the disks-alpha directory about nfs installs requiring accurate time.
> I was not aware of that, do you know where is this restriction needed?
> (I know I used NFS for some time  between a machine in year 2018 and
> normal ones).

Ditto (ok, not 2018 but certainly off by a couple of hours). I don't
understand why this should be a problem for NFS; after all, NFS is
stateless... It's a pain if using 'make' on a NFS directory, but
otherwise no problem.

> The "epoch selection" should be done by the kernel, but the code there

The RTC stuff needs to be selected in the kernel config for this to

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