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installing on AlphaServer 300 4/266

Many thanks to Loic Prylli for steering me in the right direction for the
resc and drv disks.

New problem though, once I boot to the resc disk from AVANTI, the load
process makes it through past the PAL stage, generates a cursor in the
upper left corner of the screen and then freezes.

I looked through list archives and found references to a special
linload.exe needed for AlphaBIOS, went out and found it on one of the
digital ftp sites as both version 1.3a and version 1.5.

Version 1.3a makes it to the PAL stage, but no further.  Version 1.5 makes
it to the same stage as the version that comes with the resc disk, but no

All versions appear to place MILO in the same memory location: 0x80000000.




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