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Re: Debian Alpha Install

The CD-ROM worked formerly under NT

I had to blow away NT to get the fdisk utility under Debian to work....

Does anyone know why??

iso9660 is listed in /proc/filesystems

I am using a milo from the RH5.2 dist.

the root and rescue disks were downloaded fresh from

they report Generated on 99/02/05

any hints?

ifconfig and route seem to work....

I'm gonna try to get it going on over NFS, but I'm ont too optimistic....

-----Original Message-----
From: Bart Warmerdam <bartw@xs4all.nl>
To: Arthur Gallun <gallun@iname.com>; debian-alpha@lists.debian.org
Date: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 1:22 PM
Subject: Re: Debian Alpha Install

>On Tue, Feb 09, 1999 at 01:06:53PM -0800, Arthur Gallun wrote:
>> the mknod results in 'module already exists'
>> changing the mount command has not yet helped....
>> the error says
>> wrong fs type, bad options, bad superblock on /dev/scd0, or too many
>> file systems
>Try: cat /proc/filesystems
>It should say something like:
> ext2
> msdos
> vfat
>nodev   proc
> iso9660
>nodev   devpts
>So if there is no iso9660 there, recompile your kernel...
>Is the cd mountable (so no audio cd, or no cd at all)?
>BTW: if your directory is called quote:
>">> I created a directory called CDROM"
>you should also mount: "mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/scd0 /CDROM"
>But I guess thats an open door...
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