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Reviving a dead UDB (was: egcs and the libstdc++ unaligned's)


On Sun, 7 Feb 1999, Oscar Levi wrote:

> I know that I SAID I was rebuilding egcs to find the unaligned
> accesses in the libstdc++ code.  I have been successful at building
> it...but my UDB won't boot anymore.  I suspect a power supply problem
> since I found quite a bit of cat litter in it when I opened it up.

Wow, I hope the cat is still alive.  Those are generally harder to repair
than computers ;-)

> Hence, I'm letting you know that I'm stranded in Alpha land until I
> resolve this.

Recently, I had my UDB die on me for no apparent reason at all, except
maybe for the fact that it had been turned off for a while.  The machine 
would just hang after printing "loading ARC firmware." 

After replacing the internal battery, it revived and is doing fine again. 

I also played with a failsafe bootdisk and flashed the firmware, but IIRC
that wasn't a vital part of the rescue procedure - I think it was only the
battery replacement.  It doesn't hurt to get a failsafe loader and flash
image disk though.  I got mine from gatekeeper.dec.com IIRC.

Good luck,


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