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Alpha hard crash when accessing sound (es1370, kernel 2.2.1)

I experience a hard lockup (kernel dies...no telnet, no keyboard response,
no keyboard lights) when trying to access the sound device under kernel
2.2.1 and using the sound driver es1370.  The sound driver detects the card
(Sound Blaster 128, PCI) correctly and installs itself (whether compiled in
or a module).  When trying to access the audio device (I have tried sox,
mpg123), the kernel locks hard, requiring a red-button reset.  No messages
appear in the logs.

Any suggestions?  Has anyone else seen this?  After a quick glance through
the es1370 code, I see that it is littered with "unsigned long".  It is
important to note that on alpha, "unsigned long" != "unsigned int".
unsigned longs are 8 bytes wide, while unsigned int's are 4 bytes wide.

-- Bob

Bob McElrath (rsmcelrath@students.wisc.edu) Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison

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