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Re: Help wanted with Alpha/Sparc XFree86 patches

> I was wondering if it would be possible for me to persuade anyone to submit
> me a *merged* alpha/sparc patch for XFree86 so I can put it in -10.

Like I mentioned in some other message, my plan was to merge together my 
alpha and sparc patches with Steve's sparc patches and send the result to you 
(also making sure you get the latest version of all the patches). Of course, 
if there is anyone who wants to help, that'd be more than welcome, though I 
guess it'd be more in the testing phase of things (the patch merging seems 
hard to distribute). I'll announce availability of my test builds to the 

> Once I have the integrated patch I will make a test build with it and
> try to determine if it makes any weirdness happen to i386 systems (maybe
> I'll leave it out of the changelog for the test build so the i386
> testers will become unwitting guinea pigs of a bigger experiment than
> they bargained for, moo ha ha ha).  I'd also like to know if it breaks
> on m68k, put those poor guys have to wait 6 days or something for X
> to build, so I'm probably going to have to resort to prayer for that
> architecture.

Sounds like a plan. I'll do a test build on my i386 to make sure it doesn't 
fall apart completely on you though ;-)


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