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Kernel 2.2.1-pl6 problems on Ruffian

I managed to compile and run a 2.2.1 kernel with patch 6 from
alan. The problem i had before with kernels not booting at all seems
to be a gcc problem, after I updated my gcc to the current the
compiled kernels boot.

But some Problems are left:

After freeing kernel memory (and only at that time) the kernel hangs
quite regulary (50% chance?) with an error. Is that known? I will
write down the exact message next time I boot.

I got a Oops from the spinlock code when using mc to copy a bunch of
files. I got it only once so far and it might be scsi related.

I have a Ruffian, which has an onboard 53875 scsi controler. I
compiled the kernel with the 538xx bsd driver. When I use anything
else but asynchronus transfer I get scsi errors all the time,
resulting in a crash every so often. I managed to use a setting of 5
MHz synchronus, but that seems to be slightly falkey as well. I'm
wondering whether this is a termination problem or not, so I'm taking
my alpha apart. Might also be a problem with scsi cable length, since
I have UW-scsi on one side and U-scsi on the other. Both have rather
long cables.

Has anybody else other or same experiences? Especially the onboard
scsi controler gets me, because asynchon scsi is like seeing a movie
in slow motion.

May the Source be with you.

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