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[branden: problem with alpha/sparc X patches]

Because of the urgency here, I'm forwarding this to the port lists.

If anyone can send Anders or me some clues, I'd appreciate it greatly.

----- Forwarded message from Branden Robinson <branden> -----

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:37:12 -0500
From: Branden Robinson <branden>
To: Anders Hammarquist <iko@cd.chalmers.se>
Subject: problem with alpha/sparc X patches
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In-Reply-To: <199902151958.UAA04608@haddock.cd.chalmers.se>; from Anders Hammarquist on Mon, Feb 15, 1999 at 08:58:08PM +0100

On Mon, Feb 15, 1999 at 08:58:08PM +0100, Anders Hammarquist wrote:
> I haven't heard of any troubles with my last attempt at merging the X sources, 
> so I guess it's time for you to go ahead and insert it into the main code. You 
> want http://master.debian.org/~iko/xfree86.diff-3.gz It should apply cleanly 
> to your -10 release.

Okay, I did so, and ran into problems.

All the stuff outside debian/ applied with no problems whatsoever.

I merged all the stuff in debian/ by hand and rewrote a bit of it.  There
were some files in that part of the patch that weren't even being used
anymore (create-arch-xsun-utils, for instance), so I omitted them.

There are two significant problems:

1) Lots and lots of stuff isn't getting built at all for i386, and it
should be.  This is not due to errors; apparently the targets are just
being ignored.

2) There is a problem building the S3 server:
cfb/libcfb.a(cfb8cppl.o): In function `cfbCopyPlane8to1':
cfb8cppl.o(.text+0xc3): undefined reference to `ffsl'

This is the only build error caused by the patch.  I suspect something
should be #ifdef'ed out.

I have made a directory with lots of info in it for you, if you could
please help me out with this.

It's on master, and is ~branden/anders.

It contains the buildlogs with the alpha/sparc patch applied, and then with
them backed out (the stuff in debian/ was left alone).  Nevermind the
errors at the end of the buildlogs when the packages are being created.  I
had some bugs in the debian/* files but I got rid of them.  The second
build (with the patches backed out), I completed successfully by hand.

I also have file lists after the build of the contents of xtree and
xtree-libc5 for both compiles (with the patch and without).  xtree-libc5 is
not different, but lots of files are missing from xtree with the patch in
place.  A diff between list.xtree and list.xtree.alphasparc will show this.

Finally, I have a complete source package for you to look at.

Can you figure this out?

If all else fails, I guess I need to do an arch check in debian/rules for
alpha or sparc, and apply your patch only if those arches are set.  But I'd
rather not do it this way at this point.

But if you can find no reasonable explanation for all the missing files,
I'll do it that way.

Finally, it was suggested to me that maybe, somehow, the heavy disk
activity on saens (where I built) may have messed up timestamps somehow and
confused make, and that's why stuff didn't get built.  I don't really think
that's what happened, but if you can find no better explanation...

I checked over the config/cf files and could find no patch that was applied
that obviously would have affected i386 like this.  So I am very puzzled.

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