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Re: Kernel panic while booting root disk

On Sun 21 Feb 1999, Erik Forsberg wrote:
> I'm trying to install Debian slink alpha on a XL 366, cat /proc/cpuinfo says:
> Anyway, I've put in an entry for "Linux rescue" in the Alphabios and it boots the rescuedisk just fine (I'm using the Alcor disk set, 990204, I'm not sure it's the right disk actually, but I think so) and prompts for me to change to the root disk. I do, and it finds the disk (some text about MSDOS bla bla..) but then gets a kernel panic, can't mount root fs on device 02:00

For an XL 366 you should use the XLT floppies (XL systems 300MHz and
above are known as XLT, as they are different from e.g.the XL 266).

Paul Slootman
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