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Re: Debian Alpha Install

Arthur Gallun writes:
 > 97-8-12 is the latest date.... what's up with this? This seems really
 > old....
 > The Alpha CDR from lsl.com is more expensive than the regular Intel disks
 > because it is CDR not CD write once.... The idea is that Alpha Debian
 > changes too much and they want to be able to do the updates
 > quickly....

If Debian Alpha has never been released officially before, this is
because there is still some issues that may cause trouble for some
people. If a company sell a CDROM from a development snapshot taken
from our site more than 6 months ago (AFAIK without trying to contact
us, but I may be wrong), they should at least put a big warning
disclaimer on it so that people know what to expect. If they did not,
feel free to complain to them.

We try to ensure that when you see "Official Debian" on something, you
have a minimum guarantee on its quality, no Alpha CDROM was never
released officially by Debian, so altough we try to encourage people
to test our current version (especially as it is very close to be
official), people should understand it is still beta.

 > I don't mind the small price dif, but it doesn't seem to work.... that has
 > been bothering me a bit....
 > [...]
 > Can anyone help with the Debian Alpha install??

Did you receive my previous private e-mail about the output of the
dmesg when trying to mount the CDROM? Debian and a lot of the free
stuff it contains is mostly done by benevolent people on W.E. and
nights, so when people are spending time to answer your help request,
please read their message carefully (tell me if there was an e-mail
problem I will resent it).



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