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Re: Kernel 2.2

On Thu, 04 Feb 1999, Brederlow wrote:
>Has anyone got the new 2.2 kernels working for alpha yet?

Yes we have tried 2.2.0 on our Ruffian System and it did not work either. We
tried the pre8 too and it did not work. The pre5 is the only one we could get to
work !

If anyone is succesful installing and running a 2.2. kernel on a Ruffian system
I woudl also be very glad to hear !!

Peter Biechele
>2.2.0 doesn't even start booting for me, when I select Ruffian as
>system type. When I select "generic" as my system type it detects a
>ruffian system and hangs with an illegal instruction.
>My friend, with an 164sx, can boot, but every now and then a process
>hangs in the kernel and becomes unkillable. He tried 2.2.1 with the
>same result.
>May the Source be with you.
>			Goswin
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