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Re: What patches to apply to build 2.0.35-alpha?

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Oscar Levi wrote:

> I've been trying to build a 2.0.35 kernel, something I've done before.
> I'm using the 2.0.35 sources from ftp.kernel.org and I've applied the
> alpha-patches-2.0.35-0.2.diff.gz from gatekeeper.dec.com.  The trouble
> is that the ncr810 driver and the tulip driver do not appear to be
> available...at least these are not options I'm given from make
> menuconfig. 

The 'make menuconfig' is broken on 2.0 kernels for Alphas (not sure of 2.1
or 2.2 kernels since I'm traumatised and run 'make config' now always).
Try just 'make config' and the options will show up.  Turns out the menu
portion of the kernel has been largely neglected in favour of increased
driver support in the kernel (along with the new neat stuff).  It'll
probably eventually catch up, but until then, make config is your best

> I also tried the debian 2.0.35 patch, but this one files to build for
> alpha because of something odd in arch/alpha/Makefile. 

The weirdness in the makefile is a 'correction' in make 3.77.  The way
around those lines barfing is to assign them to a generic variable, ie:


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