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Re: Xacc on Alpha

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Shaw Terwilliger wrote:

> the Alpha.  I did an "apt-get upgrade" to make sure I
> was in sync with the latest Debian tools (so that lesstif

Glad to hear you're using Debian :-)

> I would make a binary snapshot of this, in either Debian
> or RPM (if I grabbed RPM) packages, but I'm not sure
> I'm willing to be an official maintainer (I don't even
> plan on using Xacc :) ).  I've never made a package of
> anything before (I'm a source .tar.gz guy), so if anyone
> could start me off somewhere...

If you want to make a deb, check http://www.debian.org in the "Developer's
Corner".  There are packaging manuals there that can help.  There's also a
debian-mentors list for new maintainers.  They can probably help you in
RPM generation using the Debian tools all from the same build script.


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