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Re: Kernel 2.2

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Stone <talby@trap.mtview.ca.us> writes:

    Robert> On 4 Feb 1999, Falk Hueffner wrote:
    >> I have unkillable processes (state "D") that are *not* causing
    >> kernel panics. Is there any way to find out in which line of
    >> the kernel they are hanging?
    Robert> 	I would bet this is either associated with some
    Robert> corruption occuring in the kernel's socket hash table, or
    Robert> with some problems with a device driver (i.e. your scsi
    Robert> card driver).  I had these problems on a 2.2.0 with an
    Robert> AS200 (Avanti).  I don't know if the socket hash problem
    Robert> has been fixed in 2.2.1, but that one bit me good.

Actually it had to do with sockets, the hanging programs were some
netcats started from a script. It's the same with 2.2.1.


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